Wall Street supports the European stock markets

After an uncertain and volatile day – initially weighed down by worse-than-expected manufacturing and services PMI indices in the Eurozone – European markets also took the upward path, influenced by positive developments on Wall Street ( which closed in the year). Evening with the Dow Jones at +0.62% and the Nasdaq at +0.93%.

The conclusion of the European markets was therefore positive: Milan +0.05%, London +0.20%, Frankfurt +0.54%, Paris +0.63%.

Piazza Affari is burdened by the banks, with one exception: Unicredit presented its third quarter results with record profits (+67%, 2.3 billion). The stock gained 1.34%.

The very strong geopolitical tensions in the Middle East are not reflected in oil prices. Brent falls to $88.6 a barrel and American crude to 84.38.

With the ECB interest rate decision expected on Thursday, the euro falls again: 1.0595 against the dollar.

Meanwhile, in Asia, China’s parliament approved a plan to increase the deficit to around 3.8% by 2023, well above the 3% set in March that is widely seen as the government’s maximum reference limit. A rare budget review that comes against the backdrop of the housing sector crisis and local debt.

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