Tourism, travel set to increase in 2022 but pre-Covid numbers are a long way off

The report “Travel and holidays in Italy and abroad in 2022”, spread throughistat, photographs the recovery of an industry that pays 13% of Italian GDP and which was hardest hit by the pandemic. The image that emerges speaks of one Strong recovery in tourist demand but still below pre-Covid levels.

The desire to travel, after two years of restrictions, there seems to be a lot and tourism figures are increasing: +31.6% compared to 2021 but still far from those of 2019, a year compared to the Istat still marks a -23%. Total will be in 2022 Trips by residents in Italy amounted to 54 million and 811 thousand (with nearly 347 million overnight stays).

Compared to the pre-pandemic le the only holidays in almost complete rest are those of 4 nights or more, while shorter holidays (1-3 nights) are still far away (-26%).

As far as reservations are concerned, the Do-it-yourself mode and the chosen medium was the car (63.7% of trips), even if trips by plane (doubled compared to 2021) and by train (+45.5% compared to 2021) have increased. The coach is used for only 2.8% of trips (5.6% in 2019).

The people who did it at least one public holiday between July and September 35.7%up from 33.9% in 2021 (37.8% in 2019), while outbound trips (19.7% of the total) saw a triple-digit increase (+143%), but even in this case they are far from pre-Covid levels removed.

The Italian cities of art and holiday by the sea were chosen as destinations, while in winter the choice fell on the mountains.

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