Stadio As Roma, Capitoline Mayor Gualtieri announces: “We are in the pipeline”

The mayor of Rome Gualtieri has always considered the new AS Roma stadium an important part of his program. He works with the Friedkins on the Pietralata project, where there is a concrete possibility of building a work of this type. “We are in the pipeline for the consideration of the Capitoline Assembly and the Council Resolution, which recognizes the public interest and therefore allows us to start this huge project, not only for the construction of a stadium, but also for the renewal of a quadrant of Once there is a vote, a very essential part of the process will be completed much more quickly than in the past and therefore the company must present the final project, taking into account the provisions of the resolution it offers”.

Also added are the statements of the parliamentary group leader of the Citizens’ List Gualtieri Giorgio Trabucco and the President of the Urban Planning Commission Tommaso Amodeo. “During the Commission, various changes were presented, which were the result of important work by many Council colleagues, all aimed at improving the original project. First of all the fundamental aspects related to parking, public and bicycle-pedestrian mobility, the road system and acoustics, with particular attention to the proximity to the Sandro Pertini Hospital. With the construction of the stadium there will be an important revitalization and regeneration that will affect the district of Pietralata and the eastern part of Rome. Infrastructure too will act as a true and real flywheel for the city economy”.

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