Totti and Mourinho, a new love?

The internet is haywire, Roma fans (and not only) have gone crazy: Francesco Totti could return to Roma.

The idea had been circulating for days José Mourinho had made it clear that he was looking for a figure who could support him.

According to many, the “Eighth King of Rome” would be the perfect figure and he himself had been talking about him for some time Nostalgia for his team. Totti’s sentence on the sidelines is newItalian padel awards:Mou wants me at Roma? That’s what he said, or did you journalists write nonsense? I think so. And I could be there next year“.

“Magic” fans went wild on social media. Among others, Giuseppe Falcaoson of Paulo Roberto, wrote on Twitter: “It may be a joke, it may be a sentence like this, but the thought that Totti could return to Trigoria always excites me… I am a romantic.” But between dream and Reality still has a lot to do.

And then the “Pupone” comes to the sporting aspect: Like all Giallorossi fans, he also wants to see the duo Dybala and Lukaku on the pitch. “We haven’t seen them yet, but we expect great things. Roma has to fight for the Champions League. The start was not positive, but the championship is still long“, the words of Totti.

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