Lampedusa, Cri: “3,800 in the hotspot”. The spokesman for the EU Commission: “Solidarity is needed”

Other 84 migrants disembarked at Favarolo pier in Lampedusa. Initially 22 Egyptians and Eritreans and 18 later, reporting that they had set sail from Zuara in Libya, arrived independently at the Favarolo docking station. A small boat carrying 44 passengers from Mali, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone was instead intercepted by Coast Guard patrol boat Cp302 in Vallone dell’Acqua. The group, including five women and a minor, were unable to reach the country. The military blocked them before they disembarked and escorted the 7-meter ship, which set sail from Sfax, to the pier. The 44 people said they had paid two thousand Tunisian dinars each for the crossing.

I’m on the island 3,800 migrants are present this morning in the Lampedusa hotspot, reports Italian Red Cross. The 130 operators and volunteers”They do more than the impossible“, emphasized yesterday the president of the organization, Rosario Valastro, to ensure basic needs.

Yesterday 5,000 lunch meals and 5,000 evening meals were produced. “We are tested but operational“They say from the hotspot.”People – you add – For us, they come before everything else“. In the morning they were carried out approximately 700 transfers; Today they should continue to leave the hotspot altogether 2,500 people.

Today, CR Migration Manager Francesca Basile explained the situation “We are gradually returning to less complex management and continuing to provide basic services“. The number of 130 operators will be further increased throughout the day, which will include the departure of several thousand more migrants.

“Italy has our full political support.” on the Lampedusa question: “We work with Rome from a financial and operational perspective.”. She said it Spokesperson for the EU Commission, Anitta Hipper, to the current emergency these days.

When asked about Germany’s announced closure of the reception of migrants, the spokeswoman added: “We need solidarity and count on all member states. We need to work closely together, we need more solidarity“.

In order to take stock of the situation with migration flows, the telephone conversation between the Interior Minister took place this morning Matteo Piantedosi and the French colleague Gerard Darmanin. The ministers, says the Home Office, “agreed on the priority need for a strategy to rapidly strengthen operational cooperation with countries of origin, which can have an effective impact on blocking departures, to avoid the problem also affecting secondary movements“. Piantedosi and Darmanin “They will remain in close contact in order to keep up to date with the next meeting of the Internal Affairs and Justice Council“.

We have a duty to European solidarity”: That’s what the French President said Emmanuel Macron, asked about the migration crisis in Lampedusa on the sidelines of a visit to Semur-en-Auxois. “We will act with consistency and humanity” in determining whether these migrants “sThese are people who are entitled to asylum or who are destined to return to their homeland“, promised the head of the Elysée and assured that “decisions will be made together with Italy”.

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