Tonali’s big chance, English sirens for the AC Milan player

It is increasingly likely that Sandro Tonali will be sold to Newcastle for a monstrous sum that ranges between €70m and €80m. That would make Tonali the most expensive purchase in the club’s history, surpassing the €68m spent to sign Isak last summer. Fresh and unexpected money for Milan, a great deal for the Rossoneri and a great opportunity for the young player to lead the Azzurrini under 21 as captain. Newcastle are currently considered to be one of the richest clubs in Europe after ending up in the Champions League after twenty charms of the Premier League which is said to be the finest and most competitive league in the world. A 6-year deal worth €8m plus bonuses seems in store for Tonali. Tonight the U21 captain could step onto the pitch as a Newcastle player in pectore against France. However, not everyone is happy with this very likely transfer: “You are selling your soul”, the Rossoneri fans are rising and thus losing a symbolic player, also given his relationship as a supporter with Milan. A sale that shouldn’t be made for the devil’s people precisely because Tonali has more than simple player trade value.

But Rossoneri fans can rest assured that Milan are working on a quality replacement with the big bucks from the sale. Frattesi would be the right man and the Rossoneri would be ready to challenge Inter, Juventus and Roma for him. If Milan quickly sell Tonali on his own terms, they could satisfy Sassuolo who – given the auction held – has asked €40m for the player.

Even the Magpies market couldn’t stop there as the club secured a loan deal via Al Hilal Ruben Neves: the Portuguese midfielder already has an agreement with the Saudis who will pay Wolverhampton €55m. However, with Al Hilal and Newcastle sharing the same ownership – the sovereign wealth fund Pif – Neves could remain in the Premier League for another season.

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Sandro Tonali with the national team jersey

A door closes, a door opens. First Piacenza, then Brescia: Tonali started from the bottom, now he is ready for a new challenge, the most important of his young career. Sandro will leave Milan, the very team he supported as a kid. So the boy from Lodi continues to write his story step by step, now beyond the borders.

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