Tommaso Zorzi in the emergency room because of suspected thrombosis: “The leg was like that.” Then the doctors’ diagnosis

The influencer Tommaso Zorzi He experienced moments of worry when he ended up in the hospital due to a leg problem during a trip to Bologna. Zorzi shared his experiences with his followers on his social stories. At first, Zorzi appeared to be sitting at the table with his leg bandaged and elevated and reported pain, redness and swelling. However, he subsequently disappeared from the social media radar, causing concern among his fans.

The influencer then reappeared and revealed to his followers the reason for his hospitalization. He explained: “I was in the emergency room because of my leg,” adding that he had been in the hospital for a few hours due to an illness “Suspicion of thrombosis“. He described the experience as stressful but reassured his fans by saying that he had been discharged from hospital and that it was not a thrombosis but an infection in his leg that required antibiotic therapy.

Zorzi shared more details by sharing a photo of his swollen leg and said: “The leg was like this”. It turned out that the discomfort in his leg had been present for a few days and the long walks between Rome and Bologna had made the symptoms worse. The emergency department visit was necessary to confirm the diagnosis and receive appropriate antibiotic treatment. Fortunately, despite the initial fear, Tommaso Zorzi assured his fans that he was feeling well and on the road to recovery.

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