The stock markets are uncertain after the US labor market data, Wall Street opens negatively

Wall Street starts negative after US employment data. The Dow Jones, which was weak at the opening, lost 0.32%. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 underperformed, both with losses of around 0.4%.

And European stock markets are also slowing somewhat, reflecting stronger-than-expected American employment, which provides scope for new interest rate hikes from the Fed. After a temporary decline, Milan continues to lead, with the FTSE MIB at +0.96%. This is followed by Frankfurt (+0.53%), Paris (+0.55%) and London (+0.52%), all with growth of around half a percentage point.

At the top of Piazza Affari is the banking sector, with Bper Banca, Banco BPM and Banca MPS each above +3.5%. Intesa Sanpaolo also performed well, gaining 1.25% after announcing its investment in Space. Banca MPS and Unicredit also performed well, recording +3.27% and +2.8% respectively.

The spread remains a particular observation: the difference between BTPs and federal bonds is currently 204 basis points (the yield on our ten-year bond is 4.98%).

The euro-dollar exchange rate has hardly changed: 1.056 dollars for one euro. Oil prices are also holding steady after falling sharply in recent days, with December Brent futures at $84 a barrel, a far cry from the $100 it hit in recent weeks.

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