Third pole, the break between action and iv is complete. The mutual reproaches of the leaders

The fight goes on from afar without compromise. The wreckage of the Third Pole is consumed with one clear break between Carlo Calenda and Matteo RenziGuides from Azione or Italia Viva and one Toxic exchange of mutual accusations. “The disappointment is great,” explains the campaign secretary. “I thought it was possible to do a single party and naive that Renzi would step aside considering he earns two million worldwide,” Calenda says in an interview with republic. “The truth – he continues – is that structurally Renzi cannot step aside. We saw it after the referendum.” The Third Pole president said he understood that the leader of Italia viva would not step aside “when IV had recovered 100% in December. I called him and he said “don’t worry”. “He’s someone who, if you’re not careful, will ‘magna’ you – Calenda defines him -. But I’m an indigestible bite.” “Someone told me that I have to be careful – he reveals -. But I don’t think it was a mistake to go along with the politicians.”

THE Factions “I hope they still exist”After all, says the head of Azione, “we did an excellent job on the topics. With Rosato, Bonetti, Marattin”. Is an alliance with Elly Schleins Pd possible now? “Never say never – he says -. But when they are aligned with the 5 stars, I see them far from us”. However, Calenda opens up to the disappointed Forza Italia. “Our construction site will be open. We will do the same for the new party. With European freedoms, with the people’s parties.” And talks to Emma Bonino. “I will hear from +Europe’s organizations – he says -. In theory, our project was also open to them from the start.”

Matteo However, Renzi replies: “Your bitterness is mine too, ours. If there had been a political reason for the split, we would have put up with it. At Action we had two different lines, for example sending Salvini home. That was a political split. There isn’t nothing political in the field I’ve matured. But I don’t want to stir up controversy. In recent months I have given maximum availability. I couldn’t do more. We’ve said we’re the ones who take things seriously. If you compare the action document posted on social media and the document with our proposed changes, you will understand There are no political reasons for a split“explains the head of Italia Viva on Radio Leopolda in dialogue with Roberto Giachetti. “It was a great opportunity for the Third Pole – he added – and Calenda decided against it: It’s a mistake. We don’t feed the controversy. Just look at the documents. We did everything we could.”

Then the leader of Iv points out: “That there is political space against populism and sovereignists” and that “even if there is no more Calenda, we need to restart politics and projects. In the next few days – he adds – I’ll go back and wander around Italy a bit, we have to be on our way the reformistbe restarted with the organization of Italia Viva, and with the maxim Openness to everyone who wants to build the Third Pole with us without prominence on my part. I stepped down to favor Calenda’s leadership when Calenda was available. I am available to anyone and everyone who comes and helps us, I work to build a need for Italy, a space of freedom that exists” and “that we cannot throw away in our controversies,” emphasizes Renzi.

“In the next few days, I’ll be speaking to Iv’s friends again to regroup. But in the meantime we are open to any kind of cooperation we try to work together with Action wherever possible, where we agree. In the Groups we are in favor of moving forward together, in political actions and in parliament. We try everything except reaction fouls.” And he makes it clear: “Our doors are open Working with action and more: with +Europe, the popular, the liberal, the citizen listswhere you can join But we must avoid continuing to wreak havoc like this week. So: I appeal to those of IV, let’s not make controversies,” he concluded.

But the “new” third pole has to do it before it moves in the future Resolving the issue of factions in the Senate and House of Representatives. In the corridors of the Palazzo Madama, it is assumed that two or three senators from FI are already ready to reinforce the Renzian group. And they would be enough to break the 6 member threshold for a new group. More complex situation in Chamber where Aktion has 12 deputies versus 9 for Iv. But both should ask the bureau for an exception. The hope of both sides should continue to “work together”.

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