Juventus, FIGC prosecutor closes investigation into so-called ‘salary manoeuvre’: ‘disloyalty’

The FIGC prosecutor has closed the investigation into the so-called “wage maneuver” by Juventus and sent the relevant notice to the Juventus club. We learn this from legal sources. Juve’s partnerships with other clubs and relationships with some sports agents are also the subject of the investigation. The allegations made against the company also include failure to observe the “principles of loyalty”, correctness and probity in all relationships related to sporting activities” (as set out in Article 4(1) of the This is another strand of investigation related to the Case of capital gains of players that – still in the spirit of sporting justice – cost Juventus a penalty of 15 points in the Serie A Championship A (decision now awaited at the April 19 meeting of the Coni Guarantee Committee, when the Juventus club’s appeal is discussed).

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