“They reduce stress and increase creativity”

The possibility of Creating connections between people and nature in homes and offices “biophilic architecture”not only enables you Optimization of energy efficiency which results in significant savings on the bill, but it significantly increases human well-being, Improving the quality of life And Reduce stress. This was stated by the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Sima), which participated in the Federproprietà Censis report on housing.

Based on the data provided by Sima, a greenhouse characterized by natural ventilation and lighting, walls, roofs and skylights made of glass or reflective materials, solar protection systems, green walls and the use of living plants Reduce the stress of the people living there by up to -60%, improves performance quality by +10% to +25%And increases general well-being and creativity by +15%.

“This applied science uses the Biophilia to improve the ecological, economic and social sustainability of houses through the offer Benefits such as reducing energy consumption through natural ventilation, the use of materials with high thermal mass And the optimization of natural light” explains the doctor Rita TrombinEnvironmental psychologist and biophilic design expert for SIMA.

“The biophilic design– adds the expert – it leads to recovery from stress and regeneration of psychophysical resources, thus contributing to energy conservation at the individual level. In summary, the biophilic house not only improves the energy efficiency of houses, but also that of the people who live there.”

In conclusion, biophilic design proves to be an effective solution to reduce both the energy consumption of homes and individuals and promote health and psychophysical well-being – Sima concludes.

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