Franca D’Agostini and Fabrizio Benedetti for Artribune Podcast

In At the same time Podcast you will find thematic meetings with leading interpreters of contemporary art and science, literature, history, philosophy, architecture, cinema and much more. Dealing with courtly, but also coherent and futuristic themes. Alienating dialogues to access new readings and possible awareness of current mechanisms: between local and global, between individual and society, between male and female thinking, to build a broad, deep and objective vision of reality. In this new audio the valuable meeting with the neuroscientist Fabrizio BenedettiWorld expert on the placebo effect and philosopher Franca D’Agostini Logic expert.
The interview is here At the same time From Mariantonietta Firmanithe podcast by And

Fabrizio Benedetti and Franca D’Agostini for Artribune Podcast

Fabrizio Benedetti And Franca D’Agostini They tell us about neuroscience and philosophy, diseases of the body and deviations in collective thought. They tell us about the placebo effect, the power of trust between psychosocial factors and the ritual of care; and of truth as a conceptual function. In the age of hypertechnology, the gamer suffers from dopamine deficiency, man has lost the ability to exclude and much more.

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Who is Fabrizio Benedetti?

The neuroscientist Fabrizio Benedetti He is Professor of Neurophysiology at the University of Turin, Senior Advisor at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, and heads the hypoxia medicine of Plateau Rosà Zermatt in Switzerland. He is a member of numerous relevant international bodies, including the Academy of Europe, the European Working Group on Pain and Impaired Cognition and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain.
Author of numerous articles in scientific journals, He has been part of the editorial team since 2009 pain And Current neuropharmacologyand speakers at prestigious conferences around the world. He is also the author of several publications, including the most recent by Oxford University Presstranslated into Italian: placebo effects,, 3approx 2020 edition; The patient’s brain 2010. He is also the author of popular books such as: Hope is medicine2018, e.g The memory hunter Finally, among the numerous awards he received were the Silbert International Award from the University of California Los Angeles in 1985, the Novartis Prize from the Italian Society for Neuroscience in 1997, the Medical Book Award from the British Medical Association in 2010, and the William S Kroger Award in 2015 the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and much more.

Who is Franca D’Agostini?

The philosopher Franca D’Agostini He received his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Turin and taught logic and critical thinking at the State University of Milan. He deals with philosophical logic, metaphysics, 20th century philosophy and the public use of philosophy.
She is the author of 15 thematic publications and around a hundred articles in international scientific journals and works with the following organizations: The press, reading of the Corriere della Sera, the manifesto. Among the many topics addressed, he dealt in A. with the relationships between Anglo-American philosophy and European philosophyanalytical and continental from 1997. She is also the author of: Paradoxes 2009, Misadventures of Truth 2002; Poisoned truth 2010; Introduction to the truth 2011, Logic of nihilism 2000 and others. He then published together with Maurizio Ferrera Truth to power. Six alethic rights in 2019. Among other things, his books in Italian: Brief history of philosophy in the 20th century 1999; lie from 2012 and Realism? An undisputed topic of 2013.

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