“There is no increase in precariousness”

The norms of labor decree on fixed-term contracts, approved yesterday, do not involve risks of precariousness: says the Minister for Labour, Marina Calderone, interviewed by broadcast 24 explains that it is an intervention “that eliminates the reasons that are difficult to apply and that could lead to litigation”. The Decree, he explains, “leaves the definition of grounds to collective bargaining. Then there is a clause that, in the absence of a contractual provision, the parties are given the option to extend for a limited window of time with a technical reminder “due to production”. Calderone emphasized that the futures contract numbers tell us that the the question of reasons concerns 2.5% of fixed-term contracts. “97% – he says – last less than 12 months. The change affects less than 3% of the contracts, for the first 12 months there are no reasons”.

Finally, Calderone underlined that for i Individual agreements, the deadline is April 30, 2024 “Giving collective bargaining time to be able to settle the aspect of reasons. It’s not a worrying issue. There is a dynamic, the contracts need to be renewed, I think it’s a tool for that stimulate a new season of offers“. And he states: “I want tools that are easy to use. For temporary needs for organizational and production-related reasons It is true that companies can enter into fixed-term contracts“.

On the dismantling of the tax wedge, Calderone explains: “We started the budgetary maneuver where we reconfirmed the two items that existed until December 31 last year, then we added another item for lower incomes. Today, with all the resources available, we have returned to a theme that consists of giving back to families and workers part of the monthly contribution that they have to pay”.

And he emphasizes: “The cut that we have come to is an important cut because it means that for those with an income of up to 25,000 euros, social security contributions will be reduced by 70% and for those with 35,000 euros by 60% instead become. Of course, the obligation to work Create conditions to structure this intervention that at that moment it must be said that it was necessary and that the savings were made in favor of the families”, specified Calderone.

About the fact that the Norm can become structural he added: “There has to be a situation that allows it, you have to act prudently. The government has proved that Pay attention to accounts and balances which allow to take advantage of the savings”.

The goal is “a reduction in labor costs in the legislature and thus a reduction in the tax and social security burden that could be structural on the company and employee side”.

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