The weight of the parties and the opinion of the Meloni government in the December political barometer from Demopolis

The photo on the weight of parties taken by the December political barometer of the Demopolis Institute reports an electoral scenario that, despite the political fluctuations, has remained essentially stable for weeks and is likely to become even more lively as the European elections in June approach next month instead of.

According to the institute led by Pietro Vento, Fratelli d’Italia has lost half a point in the last month but remains the country’s leading party with 28.5%, around 9 points behind Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party on 19 points. .8%, which at the moment does not seem to be able to aim for the first step of the electoral podium. In third place is the 5 Star Movement with 16%. In the Demopolis poll we find that the league is at 9.5%, Forza Italia at 7.3%, recovering for the first time since Berlusconi’s death.

Italians’ positive assessments of the Meloni government’s work are declining slightly. Italians’ assessments are more positive when they are asked to express their opinion of the Prime Minister. 45% trust Giorgia Meloni, who receives a positive rating 6 points higher than the 39% of citizens who support the executive.

The survey, conducted by the Demopolis Institute, highlights the extreme political polarization in public opinion. Today, 95% of those who vote for Fratelli d’Italia and over two thirds of voters for the Lega and Forza Italia express a positive opinion of the government. For those who vote for opposition parties, the scenario changes drastically: only 4% of PD voters and 3% of those voting for the M5S support the executive.

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