Sports judge disqualifies an entire team

The game of the championship of the first category of the province of Modena, between Consolata And Monteombraro, had a hot ending. Threats and insults to the referee because of an allegedly missed penalty in the 93rd minute. In view of the events on the field, the sports referee disqualified the entire team, the eleven players who were on the field, for four days and the sports director. The incident occurred on Sunday in the Modena area during the first category amateur football match between Consolata, the Sassuolo team that received the measure, and league leaders Monteombraro.

The Bologna section referee Giovanni Babini had to call the police when the players of Consolata, a club fined a thousand euros for insulting their fans after the whistle, surrounded him and demanded a penalty. Babini was also probably shot in the back by some unidentified Consolata members and for this reason he subsequently went to the emergency room.

After the incident, the sports judge’s verdict was issued yesterday, which disqualified the entire team and the sports director Roberto Grasso “for failure to assist the referee and for insults.” Grasso himself comments: “We expected a sting, but we didn’t think that the names on the list would be read and everyone would be punished.” Among the eleven disqualified players – Grasso believes – there are boys who are not even close were referees. We are currently considering whether they should appeal.

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