The stock markets are still at their highest level and oil stocks are doing well

Stock markets remain positive at half-time, with Milan reaching its highest level since 2008.

Ftsemib with +0.4%, the best today in the Old Continent is London.

Lots of macro data, retail sales in Germany grew more than expected, Italian inflation falls, personal inflation in the US in the afternoon.

This morning the first public speech by the new governor of the Bank of Italy, Panetta, who said that the current level of interest rates would be enough to bring inflation back to 2%.

In Piazza Affari, the oil companies are doing well, the utilities are on the ground, pay attention to the banks with the antitrust proceedings against Intesa and Unicredit, which would instead be exposed to the failed real estate group Signa with 600 million.

Oil and gas rises on OPEC day, Brent at $83.6 a barrel.

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