The stock exchanges are slowing down, the euro continues to rise

European stock markets slowed on the back of the slowdown seen on Wall Street, which remains positive judging by bank balance sheets. Milan loses 0.39% in the final according to Bank of Italy estimates, which revised down GDP for 2024 and 2025.

In Piazza Affari, which still ends a week up 1.6%, the decline in the energy sector weighs: Saipem -1.7%, Eni -1.4%, but in the end Banco also loses Bpm – 2, 15%

London and Frankfurt close just below par, Paris +0.06%. The euro bounced back up to 1.1240 against the dollar, while gas prices fell again with prices below 26 euros per MWh. With a spread of 169 basis points, the 10-year yield remains below 4.2%.

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