The sound designer who turns the sounds of nature into anti-stress music: “Here is the melody of the Rosa Prima”

Imagine walking through a blooming rose garden, immersed in the enveloping scent that spreads from the fresh dew leaves intoxicating the senses, with the green grass beneath your feet. Now close your eyes and try to imagine how the sounds of nature around you gradually become clearer, leaving room for the singing of the roses. He did Clare Luzzanainternationally renowned sound designer and sound artist who transformed the sound of a rose garden into mesmerizing anti-stress music. She defines herself as the “alchemist” of music and there is no better term to sum up her extraordinary and painstaking work, a research that consists of hours of study and listening to Rosen’s sonic candor.

Thanks to the microphones she built herself, she was able to literally produce this Seravella rose gardenthe garden of an ancient villa, once the residence of the Counts of Azzoni Avogadro di Seravella, which now houses an ethnographic museum where the rose beforean ancient and unknown variety of roses rediscovered by the botanists of the phytocosmetic brand dolomiteand is used in the absolute anti-aging line Rose Therapy due to its unique effect.

The blooming sound is the title of the project that was presented Taomoda 2023 and prompted Luzzana to create a soundtrack composed entirely of his pure rose plants. While listening to the Rosa Prima for hours, she managed to capture its melody: “Nature shapes the rhythms of our time – explains the artist -“. From here the desire for something unprecedented: to regain the pure soul of the rose itselfand allow him to express himself with his voice, with his sound.” Than? “I recovered some components used in seismology to study seismic vibrations so I could build a geophone to detect the movements of this wonderful plant in the ground. In this way, and with other tools worthy of an alchemist, I was able to do so Record and compose the previously admired melody of the Rosa Prima“.

Its petals, caressed with special fringes of soft wood, have thus become a flute. The thorns, strong and powerful, played with a simple plectrum, have become the soundtrack’s main bass. And then, in turn, his stem, caressed by a ribbon and embraced by a microphone designed to capture his inner flow, emitted an imperceptible hiss during the still sunset in the Seravella rose garden. similar to the sound of a violin. And finally, a boisterous sound emanating from the rose’s small buds, recorded with a specially designed tiny microphone. The result is a captivating symphony that frees the mind from all thoughts and offers a multisensory experience in total synergy with nature.

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