The second medical bulletin is “cautious optimism” and Berlusconi remains in intensive care

“Berlusconi suffers from treatable diseases. And, as fragile as they are, I expect a positive outcome from the therapies.” To say it is Girolamo SirchiaHealth minister in the Berlusconi II government (from 2001 to 2005) and hematologist, transplant expert who wished the political leader a “soon recovery”.

Sirchia then emphasized that he has “indirect information and I will not go into the main point. However, we know he has chronic myeloid leukemia, a disease that can last for many years, and we have effective new treatments. Sure, it’s a serious illness as it weakens your immune response. That’s probably where the pneumonia came from. But pneumonia can also be treated very well today, with very effective remedies.”

Based on these reflections, “I tend to think of a positive outcome to this ugly adventure”. Unfortunately, “leukemia makes the patient more vulnerable” and “that’s the real problem because vulnerability complicates everything, but the elements to be optimistic are there,” Sirchia added.

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