Celebration in Tunisia to commemorate the 1938 martyrs with a view to the present: Slogan against Saied

Day of protests and commemorations, today in Tunisiaon the occasion Feast of the Martyrsreminds of the April 9, 1938, when Tunis was under the yoke of French colonization. Today marks the 84th anniversary of that tragic day: at least 21 Tunisians died as a result of repression by the French occupiers during popular demonstrations calling for reforms and the installation of a parliament to mark a new step towards independence.

Today, analogousthe country is once again in a crisis situation: in a context of freedom and independence certainly not comparable to that of 84 years ago, the Tunisian people are demanding reforms and compliance with the resulting constitution Arab Spring 2011. Conquests jeopardized by President’s authoritarian turn Kai Saidagainst which several hundred demonstrators took to the streets.

For his part, he promised comply with the commitments made with men and that no obstacle will interfere with his will; Also, Saied clarified that it will not be possible to go back. “We will remain faithful to the martyrs who gave their lives for the freedom and sovereignty of Tunisia and for the independence of its decisions,” chanted the President at the monument to the fallen in Sejoumi. “Our resources are very great and we can do what some consider miracles,” he added.

A few hundred sympathizers of the National Salvation Frontthe main opposition coalition to which the Islamic Party belongs Ennhadha, protested at the same time in front of the city theater of Tunis for “the general situation of the country” against the “coup d’état” of the president. The demonstrators chanted slogans against Saied, who they are calling for his ouster, and condemned “the political arrests of recent months and the serious violations of public and individual liberties”.

The National Salvation Front’s demands include the release of “political prisoners”. Added to this political formation were also some representatives of the families of the martyrs and wounded of the Tunisian revolution, who have long awaited state compensation for including a family member in the final list of victims.

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