The new decree signed by Schillaci will make light cannabis an amazing substance: it will only be available in pharmacies

Through a decree signed directly by Health Minister Orazio Schillacithe possibilities of buying the so-called light cannabis in Italy they are significantly reduced. Out of September 22nd From 2023 it will no longer be possible to buy “products to be taken” in stores that currently sell the substance cannabidiol, but it will still be possible to buy light cannabis for smoking, i.e. hemp flowers that contain CBD and no THC. The substance could soon be banned entirely. With the regulation, the CBD becomes comparable to a narcotic substanceonly available in Pharmacy. As reported republicthe new measure has dissatisfied many associations and traders in the industry and also sparked many protests from producers, sellers and tobacconists.

The intentions of majority they were clear for some time and both Matthew Salvini The brothers of Italy he had already stated their intentions. According to the reconstructions, the Ministry of Health’s step follows two opinions of the Higher Institute of Health, one of the Aifa and one of the Higher Health Council, on the basis of which the idea persists that the substance will not be banned, but only through the introduction of regulations. The principle This is why CBD is effective against some health problems and therefore it should be treated as a drug to be purchased rather than a product that is simply marketed without controls and approvals.

“The provision will certainly have a major impact on all companies involved in the production, processing and marketing of CBD-based hemp extracts of natural origin, because contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the sale will be a require a rigorous registration system as a medicine with the Ministry of Health, a totally unsuitable procedure for a substance without risks but which actually has proven benefits for the health of thousands of people, such as CBD,” they denounce Giulia Crivellini And Federica Valcauda of radicalthen citing the expert commission ofWHO This confirms that CBD has no narcotic properties.

“The position of the Italian Ministry is contrary to the decisions of the corresponding German, English and French authorities, which have excluded the liability of medicinal products also with a high concentration of CBD among the narcotics, and is contrary to the Community legislation in the organization of the common market and in antitrust law,” he says Federicapawho underlines that, in her opinion, the Ministry’s decision “is all the more illogical since it cannot prevent the free circulation in Italy of CBD food and cosmetics legally produced in other European countries and is only intended to harm domestic producers”.

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