The centre-left party in Brescia opposes the advance of the centre-right movement in the municipalities

There New map of the mayorsAt the end of first round of administrationis taking shape, although the final picture will have to await the outcome of the votes while the net figure is in‘turn outwith a Decline that seems unstoppable: Really 59% of the eligible voters (6.3 million voters), 2 percentage points less than in the previous election round.

Of 595 communities what they are went to the vote on Sunday and Monday13 of them are capitals. Of these, 4 go to center-right and 2 to center-left. On the other hand, seven capitals will come to the vote (and the issue is the focus of the majority, where there are calls for a revision or even the abolition of the second ballot, which is currently envisaged in municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants). residents). Brescia, The celebrates its first mayor with 54.84%, and Teramo – where the outgoing mayor, Pd-M5S candidate Gianguido D’Alberto, wins with 54.47%. they stay in the center-left position; The Center-right wins in Treviso, (with the confirmation of the outgoing Mayor Mario Conte, who receives 64.70% of the votes)Rich, where Claudio Scajola is reconfirmed as mayor with 62.97% of the votesLatin (joint commissariat that gave Matilde Celentano 70.68% of the vote, also the first female mayor in the city’s history) and Sondrio, where Marco Scaramellini conquers 57.86% of the preferences in the first round. The alliance between Pd and M5 is suffering, which may make a difference in the two center-left-led communities but not in others.

Between Cities that will elect the mayor in two weeks (returning to the May 28-29 vote) Yes siennawith centre-right candidate Nicoletta Fabio some 2 points ahead of centre-left candidate Anna Ferretti (30.51 vs. 28.75%). ancona The ballot is underway, again with the centre-right party in the lead, which could take over the city previously ruled by the centre-left (Daniele Salvetti with 45.11% versus Ida Simonella with 41.28%). Contrasting situation a Vicenzawhere it is the center-left that flirts with the prospect of a turnaround, with candidate Giacomo Possamai receiving 46.23% of the preferences, beating Francesco Rucco’s result, stuck at 44.06%. toasts goes to the polls with centre-right candidate Giuseppe Marchionna, more than ten points ahead of centre-left candidate Roberto Fusco (44% vs. 33.32%). He too will elect his mayor in the second ballot Dimensions, where the outgoing mayor Francesco Persiani, supported by Lega, Fi and Civic Lists, is at 35.42% versus 29.95% for the Pd and Alleanza Verdi Sinistra candidate Enzo Ricci. The candidate nominated by the Brothers of Italy, on the other hand, remains outside.

TO Pisa In extreme cases, we go to the polls. Michele Conti, the outgoing centre-right mayor, remains just below the 50% threshold with 49.96% versus 41.12% for centre-left candidate Paolo Martinelli. during a terni The challenge will be between Orlando Masselli, the centre-right candidate with 35.85%, and Stefano Bandecchi, the candidate of some civic lists, with 28.11%. The candidates from the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement were eliminated in the first round.

However, this result does not appear to be particularly worrying Opposition forces, particularly the Democrats, who want to wait until after May 29 to measure the centre-right party’s wave of victories. “There are few confirmations for the first round and many direct clashes that will be fought in two weeks,” said Davide Baruffi, head of local authorities for the Democratic Party. “In Ancona the result is positive, the M5 are not in a coalition and I am.” I think we can do well. The centre-left candidate in Vicenza is ahead of the centre-right candidate. In a municipality governed by the centre-right government, we are ahead.” And he adds: “In some cases it was possible to form larger alliances, in other cases it was not possible. That will be the element that makes the difference.”

So right now Loss of confidence in the Democratic Party“It counts to stay in the territories,” argues secretary Elly Schlein in view of the long election campaign and announced a press conference on the results at party headquarters for Tuesday afternoon.

Instead, he speaks of a “clear victory for the centre-right”. John Donzelli, responsible for the organization of Fratelli d’Italia. “The centre-right party is continuing on its way and reaching consensus months after the guidelines, even moving forward,” he then comments in an interview Corriere della Sera. “There are many small communities where we are winning that were previously governed by the left,” Donzelli continues. “I could name a few, from the Tuscan communities dear to my heart, like Poggio a Caiano, to some Venetians, like San Donà di Piave.” . These are signs that the government and the majority are convincing and that together they are strong.”

Also satisfied Matthew Salvini “for the significant growth of the league both in terms of votes and elected mayors and councillors.” And the national coordinator of Forza Italia congratulates the victorious mayors on social media. Antonio Tajani. “The centre-right wins in key capitals such as Latina, Sondrio, Imperia and Treviso. Congratulations to the elected mayors. We are working to win the elections, starting with Ancona, where our Daniele Silvetti can conquer the city government after 30 years of the left” -wing administration”.

In trouble third pole, who presented himself with different alliances for the election date. Even if the Action manager Carlo Calendaunderlines the Brescia result: “Very happy for Laura Castelletti and for the excellent result (and crucial for the win) of our list.”

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