in March it was almost 2.790 billion

March The national debt increased by 17.8 billion compared to the previous monthtouches 2.790 billion and touches a new record at 2,789.8 billion from 2.772 billion in February.

This was communicated by Bankitalia, specifying that the government’s borrowing needs (31.3 billion) and the impact of spreads and premiums on issuance and redemption, the revaluation of inflation-indexed securities and the change in exchange rates (0.4 billion) are greater The drop in Treasury liquidity (13.9 billion to 29.4) was more than offset.

Referring to the sub-sector breakdown, the Bank of Italy states this Central government debt increased by 18 billionwhile that of local government fell by about 0.1 billion.

In contrast, the debt of the social security institutions remained largely stable.

At the end of March, the Bank of Italy’s share of the debt was 25.8 percent (up from 26.2 percent in the previous month); the proportion held by non-residents was 26.6 percent in February (the latest month for which these data are available).

In March, the average maturity of debt (the average number of years left before all issues mature) remained stable at 7.7 years.

Bank of Italy

Development of the Italian national debt in the last year

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