The “Burst of the Cart” ritual is back in Florence. Over 5,000 people gathered in Piazza Duomo

Perfect flight of the “Colombina” in Florence’s Piazza Duomo to the explosion of the cart, the city’s centuries-old tradition handed down almost a thousand years since the time of the Crusades. In front of more than five thousand people, including many tourists, the “Colombina” smoothly coped with the voyage, a sign of good luck.

The rocket, which has the shape of a “Colombina”, was launched from the altar of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore at the moment of the Gloria intonation in the Easter Mass. “Today too, our chariot was a symbol of the light of Jesus, bringing the splendor and power of Christ, his Easter, to the heavens over Florence,” said Cardinal Giuseppe Betori in his homily. “We hope that he does not remain a symbol, but that we all transform into the light of a new life, a gift for others.”

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