“Surgical Goblin” lands at Team Mkers

Not just the transfers of football champions. When technology meets sport – as it happens in the gaming world, the so-called eSport, virtual disciplines also emerge victorious. Controversial top players destined to make the fortunes of the companies they acquire.

To give a concrete example, to reinforce the Clash Royale team, the Italian Mkers have formalized the arrival of multiple world champion Surgical Goblin directly from Team Liquid. “Frank “Surgical Goblin” Oskam, born in 1999, is world famous for his tactical skills and technical precision and one of the most successful players in the Supercell title – emphasizes Mkers -. Since February 2017 initially with Team Queso, through the Vodafone Giants to Team Liquid, has won all major competitions including two World Championships, the CRL Invitational and the CRL West Spring Season to name a few.

In 2020, with the most important palmarès worldwide, Surgical decides to temporarily withdraw from the Clash Royale competitive scene. Since then, the Supercell title has changed and evolved: the competition circle has taken on important dimensions and placed itself on a par with the export rings of the most prestigious titles. Thus, in August 2022, Frank decides to return to the important arenas after a two-year hiatus, proving immediately that he has not lost the slightest trace of the skills and professionalism that have made him one of the most successful and renowned professionals worldwide . Now the Dutch champion has decided to join the ranks of Team Mkers, inspired by the vision and passion that characterizes the Clash Royale Mkers team.”

“Important,” continues the team, “will also be the contribution Surgical will make to the Mkers Fam, the network of Mkers content creators, which currently has around 40 creators. The nearly 2 million total followers the sample boasts, particularly in the United States.” South America and Europe will join the five million family, significantly increasing fan base and international reach, a cornerstone of the Mkers strategy as media company.”

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