Shameful post by young Roma player Cherubini about Giulia Cecchettin: “My profile has been violated”

Luigi Cherubini, a young AS Roma player for whom Josè Mourinho made his first-team debut against Slavia Prague in the Europa League at the end of October, has died after the comment that appeared on social media under a shameful post to Giulia Cecchettin. in the media storm. The 19-year-old Roma talent explained that his profiles had been hacked: “They violated my privacy.”

On his Threads profile, Meta’s new social network, Cherubini tagged two people with a shocking meme aimed at Giulia Cecchettin, dating from the night of December 21st to 22nd. The post said: “Drop the before and after of a few photos, I’ll get started, come on,” as a comment on a photo of Giulia and right below that was a black trash bag.

The footballer defended himself with a new Instagram profile, which he opened because he could no longer access the previous one because it had been hacked: “Unfortunately, someone has acquired my Instagram account and violated my privacy,” wrote he I contact people I follow and comment on a shameful post that I condemn and that I could never have interacted with. I was forced to open a new account to distance myself from what happened and I will protect myself from this violation in all possible forms.

On social media, users’ outrage was inevitable, directed at the player Mourinho described as a “son of San Basilio”, a district that would have made his debut with Slavia. “In fact, hackers have been known to comment on meme posts about Giulia Cecchettin,” one Instagram user wryly wrote, tagging the hacked person’s friends.

Another also makes it clear that he doesn’t believe him: “Yes, yes… but do us a favor… The problem is that you start playing football as a child and neglect your schooling.” A Club, “which constantly promotes awareness initiatives against violence against women, cannot allow or tolerate such behavior by its footballers,” affirms a girl.

Then there are those who try to downplay it, recalling a quote from former coach Boskov, famous for his phrases: “As Boskov said, ‘I think your head is only good for holding a hat’ .” The youth didn’t even burn out, but they never started.

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