“Another year of great work awaits us”

“I want to thank every employee, every official, every office. You really have, I think we have done an extraordinary job in the difficult situation this year and we have another, perhaps even more difficult one ahead of us. So what I want to wish is a happy, cheerful Holy Christmas to you, proud of the work you have done. So said the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in video connection with employees of the Palazzo Chigi at the Christmas welcoming ceremony.

“I want to wish you to rest because another year of great work really awaits us,” he added. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for every single hour, for every single minute that you spent working, not for me but for Italy, because we are all just officials of Italy. Thank you very much and a Merry Christmas to everyone.”

“I would like – emphasizes Meloni – that you also think about those who may have decided to give birth this year because today they see institutions that are more concerned with the theme of family.”

“I – he says – could give many other examples, but what I want to say is that every single story, every one of these stories is the result of our work, it is the result of your work, because when we talk about government, when We talk about politics, we always talk about numbers, but we don’t deal with numbers, but with people’s lives, their hopes, their chances, their possibilities.

“We can change people’s lives, and that’s why,” Meloni assures us, “why the work we do ultimately deserves all the sacrifices in the world. So I really want to thank everyone and tell you that I am proud. “I thank you for the work you do and that I will always do my best so that you can be proud of me too.”

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