Russian Minister Lavrov takes over the presidency of the UN Council in New York. Controversy over denied visas for accompanying journalists

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, arrived in New York, the first time the Kremlin representative has traveled to the United States since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict. Tomorrow he will chair the session of the UN Security Council, of which Russia holds the rotating presidency. But that’s about it. Indeed, at the last minute, the United States denied entry visas to Russian journalists accompanying Lavrov. “This is a clear manipulation of freedom of expression and a violation of journalists’ rights,” commented the deputy ministerial representative of Moscow Sergey Ryabkov he warned: Russia “will not forget and will not forgive”. Today Lavrov, back from a tour in South America and a Cubawill meet the Secretary General Antonio Guterres to discuss a possible wheat deal, While a meeting with the US Secretary of State is not planned Anton Blinken.

Returning to the issue of denied visas, Lavrov commented: “I knew that American colleagues are known for doing such things, but I was sure that this time, given the high level of attention, it would be different. I was wrong”. Non-issuance of visas to journalists Danger of complicating possible negotiations for the reporter the Wall Street Journal Evan Gershkovich, who was arrested for espionage in Russia and fueled even more tension in Ukraine. Russia dedicated tomorrow’s session to the topic of “Effective Multilateralism by Defending the Principles of the United Nations Charter”. The US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield it will carry a vision of multilateralism rooted in the “desire to solve common challenges” and “to work together” in support of the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and human rights. “We will continue to expose Russian lies and disinformation” added the American mission. The European ambassadors, including the Italian Maurice Massari, they will make a statement before the work of the Security Council begins.

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