“I will be at the Fosse Ardeatine, it is right to pay homage to the victims of Nazi fascism”

On April 25 “I will be at the Fosse Ardeatine” because “I represent the government and they are right pay homage to the martyrdom of so many heroes, victims of Nazi fury. Among these victims, I like to remember Giuseppe Cordero di Montezemolo, colonel and partisan, protagonist with many others of the resistance and the fight for freedom”. The pressure The Foreign Minister Antonio Tajaniwhich also affects the Controversies related to government positions on anti-fascism: “It is wrong to ask Giorgia Meloni for blood tests every day. I see a lot of desire to take advantage of it. Heroes of liberty belong to all Italians“.

In the interview, the minister also addresses other issues, including the choice of Luigi Di Maio as EU envoy for the Middle East”,an election of the High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell – he notes – it is not for us to comment on that. What is certain is that he is not the Italian government’s candidate.” However, Tajani did not call Borrell to protest.

On the Pnrr “I follow the Forza Italia line: all funds must be spent. But Europe must be flexible as the war and the pandemic have distorted the scenario.” Tajani does not believe that there is “an insistence from the European Commission towards the Italian government, but a normal dialectic”. About instead of the situation inside come on italythe party coordinator confirms this Berlusconi is still in charge and “he is also studying in the hospital. The contents of our political line always come from him”.

The former Prime Minister “is very active, he’s already thinking about it European“. Forza Italia is considering oneAlliance with Meloni-led Conservatives to shift EU Commission axis to the right“but we have to look at the numbers – he stresses – we believe that some form of bipolarity must also be achieved in Europe”

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