Priority of judicial and bureaucratic reform. Appeal for strictness, no for tax increases

“I believe that it is not up to me to say what should happen, but it is up to me to assess the gravity of what is happening from a political point of view. What I think is more serious is not the fact itself.” , because it causes you some concern when a Court of Audit judge hopes that Italy will go into provisional operation. The worst thing, however, is the audacity with which this judge believes it is normal to do this, the other thing that really struck me is that there was no one on the left who said anything. Paolo Gentiloni, who appointed him, Elly Schlein, no one said a word. Because if the one who appointed this judge had said something, he would have admitted that it is normal that those who hold positions that should be superpartes can lead to political militancy. This is the theme that tells this story, regardless of what is decided. I ask the left whether it is normal for people appointed to superpartes positions to behave like political militants. I ask Schlein and Gentiloni for an answer.” This was said by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during the conference organized in the Chamber of Deputies with the parliamentary press on the case of the Court of Auditors Marcello Degni.

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