Political neutrality is required of those who represent Italy

I renew my “appreciation for the work carried out by the diplomatic/consular network – in dutiful adherence to the foreign policy lines established by Parliament and the Government in accordance with the Constitution – in the exclusive service of the general interest of the country, the irrepressible character of political neutrality especially for those who are called to represent the republic. It is also an opportunity for me to express my gratitude for the consistently excellent cooperation that I receive in my role. Work with the responsibility to concretely demonstrate our country’s vocation to work for a peaceful, stable and prosperous international community.” This is one of the sections of the speech by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellain conversation with the Ambassadors conference today in the Farnesina.

The head of state touched on various points such as the conflict in Ukraine, Israel and Hamas, as well as the Stability Pact. “The challenges facing humanity – said Mattarella – threaten the survival of the planet, from the consequences of climatic conditions to methods of war that take us back to epochs in which it has no right to be able to return people become hostages to the aggressive policies of their respective governments. Release of the attack Combining the Russian Federation with Ukraine would be a huge mistake. Its destabilizing effects are felt in all parts of the world and undermine international instruments of cooperation and dialogue.”

And about the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Mattarella says: The only solution is two states: “Terrorism advances where the political proposal loses ground or the commitment to patiently work out diplomatic solutions fails in its results, even though decades have passed. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is undeniably the result of the persistent inability to build such paths of dialogue and coexistence and aspiration The only sensible way: the two-state solution. Giving up on addressing the problems leaves gaps open for extremism to enter.”

Mattarella also hoped to achieve oneUnderstanding on the Stability Pact: “Like every human structure, the European Union is not perfect: it is a permanent construction site that must be supported every day by the work of everyone.” combines resilience, clarity and patience, as required to conclude the ongoing negotiations on the Stability and Growth Pact“. And again: “Even after the recent summit, Europe’s conscience raises a firm commitment to revitalize the horizon of a multilateralism that increasingly respects the future of humanity.” The European Union must naturally evolve to avoid regression and today, more than ever, we have a duty to restart the integration process and strengthen its governance mechanisms.”

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