Paolo Brosio: “I adopted a little girl from Medjugorje, I still dream of a woman with whom I can start a family. That way I would be happy.”

It was just him. “To everything Brosio” we could say. Paolo Brosio In fact, he said to himself in a long interviewAdnKronos, in which he returned to talk about the pain he felt at the death of his beloved mother, his desire to create a family and his relationship with faith, which helped him overcome the most difficult moments.

The 67-year-old, writer, former journalist and former candidate for Big Brother VIP, He explained that his priority for years has been to help others and revealed the details of the social project he coordinates: “In Medjugorje I have set up a construction site with twenty workers who work every day. I’m doing a huge emergency roomthe first in the history of Medjugorje that will be open to all ethnic groups and religions.”

Speaking sentimentally, however, he explained that there was no one by his side at the moment: “I’m not in love with anyone, my head is only for my emergency room.” But I still dream of a woman with whom I can start a family. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have children. I adopted a little girl from Medjugorje, he is now 14 years old and plays in the Bosnian Football Premier League. Certainly, If I could start a family now, I would be happy“.

The most touching moment of the conversation came when the journalist spoke about his mother Anna Brosio, who died last April at the age of 102. An open wound for Paolo Brosio, who was very close to her. Since he was far away at that moment, he could only say goodbye to her via video call. Thanks to his faith, he was able to recover from the shock: “I suffered a lot from the death of my mother. (…) And after I lost my father too, it was very difficult. My mother lived to be 102 years old, so this is an incredible blessing for me. We were together a lot and in the last few years I have been very dedicated to her. Watching her die through a WhatsApp camera was a terrible suffering. Me he saved the faith, if I hadn’t believed, I would have been finished. I go to mass every day because I really like it, it gives me strength, I like listening to sermons and hearing the word of God.”

Finally, he remembered his darkest time, when he resorted to narcotics after various disappointments: “My father died suddenly, then they set fire to my apartment, and finally there was a separation from my wife because of my disbelief.” In my heart, I was falling apart of sin and to have fun and not think about these things, I worked like crazy during the day and night I began to live a life of excess and even took drugs, but it was a reaction to pain. Anyone can “fall”, I was overwhelmed by endless pain. Luckily, my mother was there to pray for me and send me to Medjugorje, and from there I understood that the true antidote to pain is faith.”

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