“Paid by everyone, it is served by 3%, including second and third houses and 6 castles”

“If, on the one hand, the estimate of the macroeconomic impact of the Superbonus 110 is uncertain, on the other hand, the quantification of the cost to public finances is certain and must also be taken into account in the next update communication to the Def. One number applies to all: the measures paid by all Italians affected less than 3% of existing real estate assets. First, second, third houses, by the sea, in the mountains, of rich and poor and even 6 castles. . This is the data provided by Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgettiin an answer to the super bonus Question time to the house.

“It is not the government’s intention to expand the measures related to interventions in the forms known to date,” the minister made clear.

“Several institutions, associations and research centers – explained Giorgetti – have pointed out the expansive nature of the Superbonus and other construction incentive measures, but the same studies have also highlighted that the impact assessments of these measures are subject to a large margin of uncertainty,” is confirmed by significant fluctuations in the results achieved. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that the contribution to growth must necessarily be analyzed in the light of the costs of financing it. Like any public policy, it must be subject to rigorous cost-benefit analysis. As determined by the Bank of Italy, among others, The expansionary effect is unlikely to have resulted in the instrument having no impact on the profit and loss accounts of public administrations. In addition, the greater investment in housing has, at best, replaced and, at worst, displaced some of the expenditure that – he concluded – would have been achieved by the price increase in the US sector even without the super bonus.

“The The credit purchase market has gotten going again This is also thanks to the commitment of the Government and the certifications of the nature of these loans and for this reason the Executive is studying tools to verify the quality of the loans still in the possession of citizens and those in the period before the introduction of the adequacy restrictions,” explained Giorgetti.

“This circumstance – he added – should help remove the obstacles to their sale.”

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