On Sky Arte: Miloš Forman’s cinema

Miloš Forman, director of cult films such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Amadeus, is the focus of the documentary, which will be broadcast on Sky Arte on Sunday 16 April

On Sky Arte: Miloš Forman’s cinema

The two-time Oscar winner passed away in 2018 Milos Formann Indelibly links his fame to films that have made cinema history, including Someone flew over the cuckoo’s nest And amadeus. Orphaned by his parents at the age of ten – both died in concentration camps – and raised in an orphanage, the documentary commemorates the most famous Czech director Forman vs. Formanaired Sunday April 16th on Sky Arte.


Directed by Jakub Hejna and Helena Třeštíková, the film based on the screenplay by Helena Třeštíková reconstructs the artist’s human and cinematic parable. It brings together rare testimonies, also from private and official archives, and personal memories of the director’s son, Petr Forman. It should take shape a captivating talein which coincidences, setbacks and intense experiences intertwine: Forman’s courage to question himself and his willingness to seek a place where he can feel free become visible.

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