Night queues at gas stations, the video from Campania

Video of the night queues in the Campania region: motorists queued for the last tank of fuel before the petrol station lockout began.

The gas station strike has begun, which was called from 7 p.m. on January 24 to the same time on Thursday, January 26 for normal traffic. However, petrol stations on the motorways will remain closed from 10 p.m. on January 24 until the same time on January 26.

After a meeting with the Enterprise Minister Urso, the trade organizations split. Faib Confesercenti decided to reduce the mobilization to a single day, positively evaluating the openings presented and formalized with an amendment to the Legislative Decree.

“Too little and too late to lift the strike,” write Fegica and Figisc/Anisa, who confirm the lockout methods.

In Campania there are long queues at the dealers before they close. However, not all plants will be closed. The facilities managed directly by the oil companies and some “no-logo” stations that are not members of the trade organizations will remain in operation. The Prefecture of Naples has also published the list of petrol stations that provide service on ordinary roads and the motorway network, including the ring road.

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