“Daniele Dal Moro and Oriana Marzoli have broken up because of a magician. He did a macumba on her.”

In the last days Daniele Dal Moro He had made headlines for fiercely attacking a fandom of “Oriele,” as the couple he formed with Oriana Marzoli had renamed. The fans really don’t bother with it end of love story born in the Big Brother house: In the past few hours, one of them has revealed such gods shocking background on the alleged cause of the breakup between the Venezuelan model and the influencer. “Sorry honey but I have to give you a revelation,” the fan wrote on Twitter, addressing Oriana directly. A few nights ago, between Thursday and Friday last week, there was also a wizard in a room built by some fake fans. I didn’t go in because these things scare me. They created a space to make one macumba against you, against you, against the couple – Her words -. But then, after 48 hours, chaos ensued. I am telling you this to warn you and to help you understand the characters. Personally, I would never dream of creating space to do a macumba against a pair. Just the thought of it scares me. We fans were worried“. Then the warning: “I guarantee some will pretend to be your supporters, but whoever is doing these things is not a real fan, trust me.”

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