Mattarella in Poland, the call to the EU on migrants. Today the meeting with Prime Minister Morawiecki

“Full Melody” about Ukraine and migrants. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella meets Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw and reiterates the alliance’s unhesitating support for Kiev for as long as “necessary” and by any means, from arms to sanctions. Then back on theme migrants, in a country that has taken in over two million Ukrainian refugees in a year, and in addition to repeating the The EU reminds us that a common European approach is needed to a revision of all those migration and asylum rules that, like the Dublin agreement, are old, “from the prehistory”.

The distances between Mattarella and Duda, two different ideas of Europe and sovereignty, exist and remain, but remain in the background. The historic moment imposes unity and responsibility, and this is the time Rome and Warsaw jointly call on Brussels to do more to regulate flows and keep the front united while supporting Kiev. The two presidents faced each other at length during the meeting in Warsaw at the Presidential Palace and found each other side by side. For Mattarella, all the legislation on flows and intake needs to be renewed because the existing one could not take into account the war in Ukraine, the destabilization of North Africa and climate change. It is impossible not to take into account these phenomena, the rules need to be changed. The reference refers to the Dublin Agreement, which establishes the principle of the first landing: now unjustified and unjustified they argue at the Quirinale. “No state alone can tackle such an epoch-making problem. But the European Union can do it with coordinated and well-organized action,” reads the new appeal. Beside him, Duda recalled that Belarus used migrants as part of a “hybrid attack” and called for “more decisive initiatives in the community area, we would like to hear more about this support”.

Looking to the African continent, Mattarella says he is concerned about what he defines as “destabilizing pressures and initiatives” of the last period. “What is happening in Sudan these hours is alarmingThe further development of Wagner in many African countries causes great concern in NATO and the European Union‘, he formulates and calls for ‘active and protagonist action by the European Union’. The role that Wagner plays unites the migrant dossier with the Ukrainian one. In this case, too, Mattarella and Duda find themselves in the same positions.

This morning the Head of State meets the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Support for Ukraine, bilateral political and economic relations between the two countries and cooperation in multilateral formats will again be on the table. With the confirmation of what the head of state yesterday defined as “full harmony”, or rather “support for Ukraine as long as it is necessary, as long as it is necessary, in every respect: military, financial, humanitarian supplies, for reconstruction of the country”.

Mattarella said he was “appalled” by “inhumane behavior” by Russian forces that hit civilian homes and infrastructure. Therefore, the cohesion of the EU is indispensable “against any imperialist impulse resulting from nationalist despair”, because “in this brutal and unacceptable attack on the freedom, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine” “its fundamental values ​​are at stake”. “. After the meeting with the Polish Prime Minister in the afternoon the important visit to Auschwitz. There, Mattarella assures us, “at the March of the Living, together with young people from all over the world, we will repeat: ‘Never again'”.


Sergio Mattarella receives the White Eagle, the highest Polish award, from Andrzej Duda

Duda: “Russia cannot win, otherwise it will attack other countries”

“Russia cannot win this war because otherwise it will attack other countries, we have discussed this with President Mattarella and we agree, We will continue to help Ukraine‘ Polish President Andrzej Duda underscored after the meeting with the head of state before giving him the floor.

“Some political leaders are saying words about the possible end of this war and speculating about the end of aid. I say that Anyone who calls for the cessation of aid to Ukraine is in Russia’s interests, because Russia’s supremacy is obvious, and if Ukraine doesn’t get help, Russia will be supreme in this part of Europe. We know the Russian attitude, we understand our Ukrainian neighbors who are trying to defend their sovereignty at any cost,” Duda added, thanking Italy for its help to NATO’s eastern side.

Duda had also confirmed the Polish support line for the EU accession of Ukraineand support for the Western Balkans enlargement, a point also echoed by our Head of State: “We know that Italy is making great efforts to manage migration from Africa, but we too have the same problem: migration from Belarus as a hybrid attack. We support more support and would like one more understanding on the part of the EU and more determined initiatives within the community, we would love to hear more of that support.”

“With Mattarella we have an identical position. Italy and Poland are cooperating on the anti-missile defense system, which will be handed over to Ukraine. We are very grateful for all the help you are giving Ukraine,” Duda finally remarked before handing the floor to Mattarella.

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