“Club of the Regime”. From Madrid, Los Blancos respond with video: ‘Are you sure?’

Laporta, the Blaugrana president, commented on the Negreira case and the alleged referee scandal, attacking his historical opponents: “The idea of ​​creating a civil party in the trial against us is an act of unprecedented cynicism. Madrid, historically as now, it was favored by refereeing decisions and was generally considered the cudgel of the regime.”

Real responded with a 4.5-minute video on the company’s Twitter profile, evoking moments of closeness between Barça and Franco. Barcelona awarded Franco three medals and made him an honorary member in 1965; Moreover, thanks to the intervention of the “Generalisimo”, the Blaugrana company was saved from bankruptcy three times. Furthermore, Real remember that during the Franco regime, Barcelona won 8 La Liga and 9 domestic cups, while it took Los Blancos 15 years to establish themselves in the league.

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