Markets await US inflation, Banco Bpm shares rise

European stock markets are cautiously optimistic awaiting US inflation data, which is expected to provide further signs of slowing. And then tomorrow the last Fed meeting of the year, followed by the ECB meeting the next day. The decision to keep interest rates stable is almost a given, but investors are waiting for clues about central banks’ future moves in 2024.

With over 30,570 points, Milan has surpassed the record of the last fifteen years and is just above parity. London performs best (approx. + 0.40%), followed by Paris, while Frankfurt is in negative territory.

Banco Bpm is present in Piazza Affari and has presented its industrial plan until 2026 with a shower of dividends: profits of 6 billion euros, of which 4 go to shareholders. Instead, MPS retreated after the sprint to open the session after the Milan appeal court acquitted the former leaders of false accounting and stock market manipulation charges, overturning the first-degree conviction.

Meanwhile, oil is falling to $76.30 per barrel due to uncertainty over cuts in crude oil production, and gas is also falling: on the Amsterdam market, prices are at 36.5 euros per megawatt hour. The spread between Italian BTPs and German Bunds fell to 178 basis points and the 10-year yield fell to 4%.

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