Just an image like Zanetti or an armed arm like Nedved: what will Ibrahimovic be behind the Milan desk?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic squeezed behind a desk. Where the brilliant games are much more complex and the Tantrums they pay a high price. The announcement of the Swede’s return to Milan was greeted with great fanfare, if for no other reason than that very delicate moment who go through the Rossoneri, with Stefano Pioli on the starting grid and with the championship zone a long way off 9 points. “Ibra comes back to give this shock “It is necessary to change the season”: this is the common narrative. It might even work, but what happens next? What role will Ibrahimovic really play at the Milan club? One can hardly imagine that he is limited to the role of a human image, if one wants to use a polite term. He only plays this role successfully Javier ZanettiVice President ofInterforever like his cut hair. It’s hard to imagine an Ibra with that mucus and that measure of the historic Nerazzurri captain. He would soon get bored. But rest is also useful for a manager with an operational role. Otherwise, expulsion is just around the corner: the example is enough Zvonimir BobanBefore Paul Maldini.

So what will Ibra do behind the desk? The announcement that arrived on Monday doesn’t help. Will be “Operating partner for the investment portfolio in the areas of sports, media and entertainment” and “he will also take on the role in this capacity.” Senior Advisor the owners and management of AC Milan”. As if it were ancient, one might add. Ibrahimovic tries to translate Advisor of the club in sporting and commercial operations. It will take care of that too development of player. But his mandate will also include Brand promotion global and commercial interests and support for specific projects, such as the new stadium. An all-round job that equals risk neither meat nor fish.

This reference to “brand promotion” brings to mind a Zanetti-like role. But he has no problem with not being the protagonist. He sits to the right Steve Zhang (only metaphorically) stay inside Be silent, for better or for worse. Not he raises his mouth He does not intervene in decisions to demand inappropriate credit or resolve difficult situations. He decided so inseparably connected His image corresponds to that of Inter and he is happy with it. It is a flagbased on the model of hyacinth Facchetti. Ibra is the antithesis of Zanetti. Now he declares he “won’t have” his love for the Rossoneri. never ending“, but he also played a role in his career Juventus and on the other bank of the Naviglio. AND he doesn’t have the character be limited to a passive role of pure representation. Which, by the way, is not immune to danger: e.g Francesco Totti At the Rome It did not work. He did not want stay awaythe old society took him as harassment. And the new one, me Friedkin, at the moment he is careful not to call him back. Just like Juve have never remembered before, Alex Del Piero.

It is true that, on the contrary, Ibra was urgently wanted by the AC Milan coach. Jerry cardinal. The same one who kicked out Paul Maldinidespite a wonderful championship that he won as a manager without having too many problems with balancing Story that this name brings with it. Before taking on a role at the club, Maldini wanted to be given defined powers and roles by the Rossoneri. After a few years of apprenticeship next to it Leonardotook over the office of Head of the technical department. Which brings with it honors and burdens: there is his hand in her Rebirth from Milan (from the aforementioned Scudetto to the semi-finals of the Champions League), but also to the unsuccessful purchases of last season. And the risk of being on a collision course with society is imminent. Zvonimir Bobanaccepted as Chief Football Officer in June 2019 together with Maldini, it took even less.

The relationship between Ibrahimovic and Cardinale could lead to career thoughts more durable, albeit as an operational manager. However, recent examples of former players who have had this luck can be counted on one hand. There are Igli Tarawho after finishing his career Lazio it held up well 15 years next to Claudio Lotitowith the role of director sporty. Or there is the precedent of Pavel Nedved: entered that 2010 He became on the board of Juventus in 2015 Vice President, with real leadership tasks. Right arm of Andrea AgnelliHe remained in office until resignation Dimensions a year ago, the result of the earthquake caused by the Prisma survey capital gain And maneuver wages. Goodbye forever, even if the Federal Appeals Court says so acquitted from any allegations regarding sports justice. In short, there are no precedents for Ibra encouraging. Also because you have to be a conscious manager Preparation And Training. Otherwise, the alternative to ornament is that of Yes man. Another role that obviously doesn’t suit the Swede well.

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