Leica brings great photography to Miart 2023

Under the motto “Giving Power to the People” and in direct collaboration with Artibune, the major photographic brand has decided to involve the photographer and artist Tiziano Demuro in the creation of a project dedicated to the fair

Tiziano Demuro for Leica and Artirbune

Give people and young people the opportunity to achieve their goals. This is what contemporary and modern art and design fairs like Miart and one of the most renowned camera and lens brands in the world have in common. With this purpose Leicaaccording to the motto of give people power and with the participation of artibuneShe decided to involve the photographer and artist Titian Demuro (1992), specializing in New Technologies for Art and Photography, in the creation of a photographic project dedicated to the fair and its protagonists, and in particular to the jury of the numerous Miart awards that highlight the values ​​of Leica, which is proud of , to make people achieve their dreams.

Tiziano Demuro for Leica and Artirbune
Tiziano Demuro for Leica and Artirbune


After all, it’s a Leica signature support the photographic and artistic culture with a special focus on young talent: Just think of the renowned Oskar Barnack Prize, the annual photography prize with the longest tradition in the world on the same topic, namely the relationship between people and the environment. This is certainly also true at national level: “Leica Camera Italia has supported young people and talents in the world of photography over the years: one of our goals is to give space to deserving people and give them the opportunity to show themselves in a world that is sometimes incredibly complex and difficult to handle “. explained jade triola, communications manager at Leica. These young people are certainly fuller”Skill and talent, but also a genuine passion for our brand and the values ​​we’ve always wanted to convey to the world of photography“.

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The Miart frame therefore seems particularly suited to showcasing Leica’s constant commitment on this front to an audience of enthusiasts and insiders alike, who can also show here how historic innovation, technological and beyond, is undeterred in the world of photography goes on. After all, Leica cameras, especially those of the famous M series, are “They are true works of art, handcrafted in the factory in Wetzlar, Germany, and the result of the highest German technology while maintaining their design that remains iconic‘ says Triola. Also for this reason the connection between Leica and the world of art is “it’s immediate, especially when you consider that photography is one of the purest and most beautiful forms of art to enjoy“.


For the photographic project, Tiziano Demuro will create a collection of photographs in which “a visual story that explores the event through the interactions and decisions of the jury with all its protagonists‘ the artist explained. “The dynamic that develops between people, objects and spaces during the days of the event. Creating images in subtraction will lead me to return value to the ordinary, with a precise attention to the world that constantly surrounds us“. And it will do it starting with a valuable selfie Manufactured using a Leica SL2, excellence in optical design and build quality from the German company on display at the stand Artribunesfor the entire duration of Miart, from April 14 to 16, 2023 at Fiera Milano. In this self-portrait, Demuro has immortalized himself without ever showing his face: the Leica camera is the central focus, an eye that, in combination with that of the artist, allows him to look forwards and backwards, like a two-faced Janus, he sees the past and the future at the same time and examines the need to find a photographic vision of oneself. All that remains now is to follow the photographic project on the social channels of every day of the fair Artribunes under the hashtag #givingpowertothepeople and on the magazine’s website at the end of the event.

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