Italy is grateful to Federico Fellini for his endless creativity

“The name Federico Fellini awakens an innovative idea of ​​Italian cinematography, the fruit of his artistic genius, which represents a cornerstone of the cultural panorama of the 20th century. The director managed to combine reality and fantasy, everyday life and dreamlike inclinations, social canons and crises of values, and to create unique storylines due to the uniqueness of the script, adaptation and setting.” This was explained by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellaon the occasion thirtieth anniversary of Federico Fellini’s death.

“His fame etched in the history of cinema,” Mattarella continues, is confirmed by the prestigious awards that his films have received and by the award of theOscar for Lifetime Achievement in 1993. Fellini’s contribution to art and culture with his paintings, drawings and writings is a legacy of originality that represents a source of inspiration, study and teaching worldwide. His films and his dialogues, accessible to audiences of several generations, have transcended the framework of cinematography itself, shaping the lexicon of the industry and infecting the current lexicon in which terms reminiscent of titles and episodes of have been coined “Fellinian” filmography. Italy thanks him for his ideas and his infinite creativity and pays tribute to the indelible artistic icon that Federico Fellini, together with his wife Giulietta Masina, co-protagonist in his life and artistic career, will continue to represent in the image of the Italian cinema of the world”.

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