Istat, the unemployment rate falls to 7.3% in August and employment begins to grow again

In August, the overall unemployment rate falls to 7.3% (-0.2 points compared to the previous month), youth at 22.0% (-0.1 points). This was reported by Istat.

Monthly comparison again, the number of job seekers is decreasing of 62,000 units (-3.2%), affects both men and women and affects all age groups.

This is also the case in August, following the decline recorded in July Employment is growing again This means +59,000 units (+0.3%) compared to the previous month, especially for temporary employees (+1.3%, equivalent to +39,000). The employment rate rises to 61.5% (+0.1 points). Compared to August 2022, there was an increase of 523,000 units (+2.3%), driven by permanent employees (+3.7%, equivalent to +550,000). This was reported by Istat.

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