“I would be an ideal father, I have an artist’s time zone”: Massimo Ranieri talks about his desire for fatherhood at 72

“I think I could be one ideal father. I also have the time zone of theArtist: You are not Early riserbut before three in the morning I don’t fall asleep…”. To tell him paternity wish on the pages of delivery boy And Massimo Ranieri72 years old: theNeapolitan artistAfter composing an autobiography (the second), an album and a tour over the last three years, he is now struggling with it All dreams are still flyingone show for the Rai – taken from his book – which will be broadcast on May 26 and the 2th of June.

In the new show This time the public will discover that more intimate dimension of the singer declaring that this time it will be his life staged on stage, without filter: “I will do it without shame. I want my audience to know: at 72 years old I’m full of scars and I’m not embarrassed to tell him. i am not one neither robot nor alien. Like everyone else, I know suffering,” he saidArtist to the newspaper and talked about how complicated it was relationship with womenwho “hurt me the most, and it’s almost always because of me.” Accordingly Rainier There would be many women who would “hurt and drop him”. The reason? “I have always put love for myself first mysterious and fascinating Workwho has pushed me away from home all my life to give my all.”

But despite the “love blows‘, as the artist defines it, and the intricate connection with thatfemale universeRanieri not lose heartstill from Hope: His desire for love hasn’t subsided yet and the singer says he’s now ready for a new partner. “I’m fine, I’m not in the mood. Now I want a more peaceful and balanced life that solitude can’t offer me. The friends are important, but love is more than that,” he says. for theArtist That would be the perfect time.”turning point”: For him, now is the opportunity to “pitch the tent and experience it to the fullest.”love of a woman“. Why to lonliness may be PrettyI know, but together it’s better. See a movie, go for a walk, eat out… that’s what I want. I’ve worked on my career before, but what should I do now? I traded with chasersI have won Sanremo“I have staged operas,” says the singer.

One love, but why not also a son: Rainierwho is already a grandfather thanks to his 52-year-old daughter Cristiana (recognized by the singer only in 1997), despite everything, does not hide his desire for fatherhoodOld: “My mother always said that children should be made young, because then you don’t have the patience. Maybe she was right, maybe not, at least not I’m losing hope“.

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