“I don’t feel like crap”: Belen Rodriguez reports back on social media after the photos with the new flame

These are complicated weeks for Belen Rodriguez, especially since his acquaintance with Elio Lorenzoni came to light. Now, after days of silence, he seems to be sending a message to the clapperboards by confiding his thoughts in a song that reads, among other things, “It doesn’t mean I feel gross.” Frecciatina to the haters for the new breakup with Stefano De Martino?

The showgirl, who will not appear in the Mediaset program in the next TV season, was paparazzi with entrepreneur Lorenzoni and it is said that she left home for him and moved to a hotel in Milan to experience the love story without the onslaught of paparazzi. Meanwhile, De Martino flew to Disneyland Paris with his son Santiago, and Rodriguez posted a song on social media that might sound like an answer to everything that’s being said about her these days. The song in question is Rie cuando puedas by rapper El Chojin. The lyrics seem to fit his situation perfectly. Some passages say, “It doesn’t mean I feel like shit.”I hide my fears to appear strong. But not anymore, it’s time to be consistent.” It’s still: “Lie to avoid hurting the people you love. Act like you know you’re being lied to. Simple coincidence or a way of expressing what you’re feeling inside right now?

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