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Musical residency, contemporary art, archeology, design, these are the areas of interest of the calls for tender, vacancies and opportunities more broadly that we offer you this week

Musicians, artists and curators, archaeologists, production designers are the professionals who job offers that we have selected for you this week. In fact, in this section we give a brief overview of the latest tenders that have recently opened or are about to expire in Italy and the opportunities (also non-profit) that can be taken advantage of spontaneously. We remind you that you can find the group on Facebook Artribune Jobs: We invite you to register to contribute to the exchange of announcements, contests, opportunities, ideas and offers in the creative field. In the meantime, here are 5 suggestions to keep in mind…

Claudia Giraud

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House of artists, music studio. Courtesy: House of Artists

it is online E-Side – insights into electronic musicfirst musical open call from House of Artists, curated by Taketo Gohara, open to artists of all ages and nationalities. The open call will select the names that will take part in the E-side residency that will take place from September 1st, 2023 to January 31st, 2024 at the Atelier Musicale of the Casa degli Artisti. The project takes on a theme that unites different musical generations: electronic music. A vast universe designed to allow artists to explore their inspiration without genre boundaries, using electronics as a research and experimentation tool. The producer Taketo Gohara He will be curator and tutor of the residency program conceived and coordinated by Francesco Piccolomini Naldi Bandini for Casa degli Artisti. Gohara is also President of the Jury, which is made up of exceptional members: Nur Al Habash, Riccardo Bonetti, Paola Cacciarelli, Sara Del Caldo, Giacomo De Poli, Dario Faini (Dardust), Fabio Luzietti, Jeff Mills, Roberto Pisoni and Mauro Refosco , Stefano Senardi, Elisa Toffoli – personalities and experts from the world of music and art who, together with the Board of Casa degli Artisti, will have the task of selecting the artists who will take part in the project.
Deadline: July 6, 2023



The first Malta Biennale – designed by MUŻA (Malta Cultural Heritage) in collaboration with the Arts Council Malta, the Maltese Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, VisitMalta and Spazju Creative as a Mediterranean Biennial – promotes a critical rereading of the present through the eyes of artists from around the world discussing community related issues, gender issues , women’s rights, social developments and complex migration phenomena. For its first edition, which will take place in spring 2024 in iconic locations of the Maltese archipelago, it launches a call for artists and curators to develop themes of geographical and cultural centrality and marginality in the Mediterranean.
Deadline: August 25, 2023


Royal Palace, Genoa

In 1923 Volume XXIX of Ancient Monuments edited by the R. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei was published Albintimiuma publication that is still of fundamental importance for the study of the eponymous state archaeological site from the pre-Roman and Roman periods BC. is nerve, fraction of Ventimiglia. It is signed by Pietro Barocelli, archaeologist and first official of the newly established Royal Archaeological Superintendency for Piedmont and Liguria, which deals with western Liguria: it contains an account of the excavations he personally carried out at the site between 1914 and 1918 in particular in the area the western necropolis. A learning day The event is organized for December 1st, 2023 by the Regional Directorate of Museums of Liguria in Genoa in the rooms of the Royal Palace in Via Balbi 10 and aims to be an opportunity to celebrate this anniversary and with it the figure of Barocelli, a modern profile of official archaeologist. For that he throws one Call for submission of documents for compiling reports relating to his “Ligurian years”.
Deadline: July 15, 2023


British School in Rome

There British School in Rome (BSR) – the UK’s largest international research institute – is a center of excellence for interdisciplinary research in the Mediterranean, supporting the full spectrum of the arts, humanities and social sciences. He is now looking for one programming manager: Applicants should have a very good knowledge and understanding of the UK cultural environment and EU employment law. Key roles and responsibilities include administering awards competitions including managing the selection process, liaising with and reporting to funding bodies including the British Academy and assisting the Director in defining and developing strategic objectives for BSR’s academic and fine arts programmes . The salary starts at 35,000 euros.
Deadline: July 5, 2023


Prada Foundation. Photo: DesignerToparchitect

There for twenty years Foundation, endowment prada questions the intentions and relevance of cultural engagement today through a series of constantly evolving projects. There have been “utopian” commissions to individual artists, conferences on contemporary philosophy, research exhibitions and initiatives in the field of cinematography. With the opening of a permanent office in Milan, the Foundation wants to offer new opportunities to broaden and deepen our learning methods. Now he is looking for a manager with a degree in architecture in the design field in the Project development, production and exhibition installation, material research, relationships with suppliers, budget management (production), order coordination. Previous knowledge of at least 4 years in production, organization of exhibitions or temporary events is required. A fixed-term contract is envisaged.
Deadline: not received

Claudia Giraud

Born in Turin, she completed her studies in contemporary art history at the dams of Turin with a thesis on cultural contamination in Piero Ruggeri’s pictorial production of the 1950s. Publicist journalist, registered since 2006, carries out journalistic activities for multimedia and paper publications in the sector. Since 2011, he has been part of the management of Artribune (www.artribune.com), is editor-in-chief for music and takes care of the “Art Music” column for the paper magazine, dedicated to all projects in which the musical language intersects with that of the visual arts. She was Editor-in-Chief for Events at Exibart (www.exibart.com). He gained professional experience in the field of communication (press office “Castello di Rivoli”, “Palazzo Bricherasio”, “Emanuela Bernascone”) and worked in particular as a press officer at the contemporary art consultancy “Cantiere48” in Turin. For the Turin-based press agency “News Italia Press”, which specializes in Italians abroad, he carried out editorial activities such as editorial coordination, creation and corresponding design of articles. He has written articles and insights for various specialized and non-specialized magazines (SkyArte, Gambero Rosso, Art Weekly Report and Art Report of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Exibart, Teknemedia, Graphicus, Espoarte, Corriere dell’Arte, La Piazza, Pagina) . ).

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