Hard blow from the police headquarters to the supporters of Varese and Naples, 49 Daspo

Thanks to a careful reconstruction of the event by investigators, it has been possible to outline the exact dynamics of the clashes, which was preceded by a joint statement in the days before in which the above groups had declared their intention: “VARESE TIFA VARESE – CELEBRATIONS OF OTHER TEAMS IN OUR CITY ARE NOT WELCOME. ESPECIALLY THOSE FROM NAPLES”.

In fact, the rivalry between some extremist fringe groups of Varese and Neapolitan fans is well known and dates back to the events that took place on the evening of December 26, 2018 near the “San Siro” stadium in Milan, before the start of the Inter vs. Napoli match, when after the clashes between a group of Ultras from Inter and those from Napoli BELARDINELLI Daniele died, known as “Dede‘, leader of the already mentioned group ‘Blood&Honour Varese’, which has always been associated with Inter fans.

The investigations made it possible to identify 24 people who were held responsible for the unrest in the city center for various reasons; They were referred to the judicial authority for various reasons for the violent behavior during the celebrations of the Neapolitan fans.

In one of the most significant events in particular, a group of Ultras surrounded a fan vehicle, damaging it in several places and then physically attacking the driver and passenger, who were traveling with a woman and two children.

Another group of Ultras had become the protagonist of another attack on two women traveling in a car waving the Napoli team flag. A minor was also on board.

The Treasurer of Varese, through the crime prevention department, analyzed the behavior of all the Ultras involved in the violent action against the Neapolitan fans who were celebrating their team’s victory.

Therefore, in addition to the referral, 24 “Group DA.Spo” measures were issued for as many people identified among the Ultras fans, 4 of them with a duration of 5 to 8 years and a statute of limitations for the obligation to submit to the authorities Police, because they repeat their behavior and have previously been affected by similar measures and the rest for a period of 2 years.

However, the episode suffered severe setbacks.

In fact, on the following May 14, a convoy of about 50 cars and minivans, coming from Milan, drove towards Varese via the A8 motorway. The vehicles drove with changed license plates so that they could not be identified.

On board numerous Ultras fans on the outskirts of Napoli Calcio, who were to go to the city of Monza, where the Monza-Naples football match was scheduled.

Instead, the Ultras targeted the center of Varese, with the clear intention of promoting conspicuous and demonstrative gestures in retaliation against the Varese Ultras following the May 4th episodes of violence.

An authentic showdown between the most extreme fringe groups of organized jubilation that would have seriously endangered the security of the citizens of Varese.

On the other hand, the officers of the Varese Police Headquarters reacted promptly and just in time recognized the impending danger: crews of police vehicles hastily rushed near the motorway junction and significantly hindered the advance of the procession near Via Gasparotto.

Faced with the impossibility of continuing their intentions, the fans, many of whom had their faces distorted by balaclavas or scarves, got out of the vehicles and tried to attack the steering wheel operators, throwing smoke bombs and paper bombs.

After a few minutes, however, they had to reverse direction and return to the highway to leave the city of Varese.

At this point, all state police personnel were brought onto the freeway to stop the troublemakers.

The forces of the traffic police, the police headquarters and the mobile department managed to identify the bearers of the procession and escort them back to Varese, but this time towards Piazza della Libertà.

Then the fans were identified. Various materials that could undoubtedly be insulted were found and confiscated both on board the vehicles and at the scene of the attack on the crews of the steering wheels.

The Digos initiated initial investigations to identify those responsible for the acts of violence. After the first reconstructions, the anti-crime department began analyzing the profiles of all identified individuals and initiated actions to take preventive measures.

Subsequent extensive investigations enabled an analytical reconstruction of what happened.

Therefore, in addition to the referral to the judicial authority for the crime of resisting a public official, the police commissioner issued another 25 orders from the “Group DA.Spo”, this time against Neapolitan Ultras fans, 5 of which were valid for 5 years, subject to a statute of limitations to report to the Police for 2 years, because in this case, too, some people had already been shot in the past as perpetrators of violent crimes in a sporting context, also to the detriment of foreign fans.

All those affected by the police measures are therefore prohibited from participating in sporting events for the entire duration of the prescribed ban.

The regulations were enacted because, after assessing the extreme threat to public order and security posed by the indiscriminate and violent response of all responsible Ultras, there is an intention to prevent them from repeating similar violent behavior in future sporting competitions.

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