“Hands off the crèche in schools” Fdi’s proposal sparks controversy

“Preserve and protect what are ultimately our cultural roots, which have a very high example in the nativity scene.” This is the aim of the proposed law FDI Senator Lavinia Mennuni which sparked reactions and controversy when it was first presented.

“For several years we have been witnessing unacceptable and embarrassing decisions by some school authorities to ban the nativity scene in schools or to change its profound nature, for example turning the Christmas celebration into an improbable winter holiday so as not to upset believers of other religions.” With the bill that I presented and which was signed by many parliamentarians, It is no longer possible to cancel nativity, Christmas and Easter events in Italian schools of every kind and degree,” Senator Fdi clarified.

Disciplinary proceedings against institutions that ban crèches

Particularly controversial is Article No. 4 of the bill, which provides for disciplinary proceedings against the headmaster who prohibits the crèche in the school.

“The violation of the rules stated in this law by employees of the public administration – we read in the text – determines a disciplinary procedure in accordance with the rules.” In particular, the law prohibits “prevention initiatives that are promoted by parents, students or the responsible school authorities and aim to continue activities related to the traditional celebrations related to Christmas and Christian Easter, such as: B. setting up the nativity scene, plays, etc. “other related events”.

The response from the Principals’ Association (PNA) was immediate: “We definitely have to keep the country’s traditions in mind, but imposing them by law is out of place. In the parliamentary debate there will definitely be a way to carefully consider what needs to be done,” commented the President of the PNA Antonello Giannelli.

He also has his say on the bill, which has already been renamed “Hands off the crib”. Riccardo Magi, Secretary of +Europe.

“Like clockwork, right-wing legislative proposals to protect Italian Christian traditions return around Christmas. The same rights led by Giorgia Meloni, for which today the Holy Family fleeing persecution would probably end in a CPR, perhaps in Albania, I’m waiting to hear from some judge in Italy if they are worth it, to set foot on Italian soil. Because therein lies the hypocrisy, which according to the canon of the Catholic religion borders on blasphemy, in the government’s policy: it protects religious symbols as aspects of folklore and makes it more difficult to rescue those who risk their lives at sea,” Magi emphasized with biting Irony.

“Among other things, the regulation sought by the brothers of Italy not only offends the faithful because of this instrumental use of religious symbols, but is also unconstitutional because it contradicts the freedom of religion provided for in Article 19 of the Constitution, but above all this one,” reminds religious regimes, who want to legally enforce the word of God,” concludes Magi.

I criticize that too Secretary of the Italian Left and MP of the Avs, Nicola Fratoianni.

“Brothers of Italy has presented a proposal to ‘defend’ the nativity scene in schools. From whom? We do not know it. But they provide for fines and sanctions for those who do not comply. In the face of the secular state. And in.” The face of citizens who are increasingly in trouble because salaries are tight, health care is collapsing and the cost of living is high, have to listen to this government argument over Christmas decorations. Really absurd. So a law to defend the nativity scene, yes, initiatives to defend salaries “No. These are the government melons,” he wrote on Facebook.

And just as the government strengthens Catholic traditions, the strongest provocation comes from the Church itself: Don Vitaliano della Sala, priest of Capocastello (Avellino) in Irpinia, this year placed two mothers in the crib for the baby.

“The criticism of my nativity scene with the two Madonnas? “My gesture should be an opportunity for meeting and discussion and not an ideological conflict that has more to do with politics than anything else,” the priest responded to the attacks.

“In today’s reality there are other types of families. Children of divorced, single, but also gay couples come to the oratorios and catechisms. And we must treat them all equally and with respect. On the other hand, it is Pope Francis himself who says that the Church must not exclude anyone,” he emphasizes. “The year is 2023 and I wanted to put a rainbow couple in my nativity scene because they too are a kind of family. There is no traditional family anymore. And we must take this into account because – he repeats – Jesus Christ becomes human for them too.”

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