Hamlin and Biden at the White House

Visiting the football player’s President Damar Hamlin and his family: They spoke about the player’s speedy recovery from cardiac arrest which occurred after a tackle in a National Football League game 4 months ago, last January. The warm hug, then the soccer ball against the backdrop of the Oval Office.

The video from the game 4 months after cardiac arrest on the field with Buffalo, the images of which had gone around the world: the players of both teams on the field had gathered around the player who seemed unable to recover, then the tears, the stadium in awe and suddenly enveloped in expectant silence. Then the joy when Damar recovered from the hospital stay and was hugged by his family.

Now the White House has released video of Hamlin’s visit, which took place yesterday – Friday, March 31 – showing the “confidence” of Biden and Hamlin playing ball and having a hearty chat.

Hamlin spoke on Capitol Hill on Wednesday in support of new bipartisan legislation that would increase the availability of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools. Essential to save so many lives. How it was for her.

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