‘Goldman Sachs bought US and UK strategic companies with Chinese money from CIC fund’: Financial Times revelation

US investment bank Goldman Sachs uses a below also created with Chinese State Resources for buying from strategic companies American And Britishincluding one that belongs to the sector Internet security which provides services directly to the UK Government. That is to be reported Financial Timesciting some sources that the Bank as a whole has reached seven operations use 2.5 billion From dollar the liquidity contained in the funds of the “partnership fund” created in 2017 with the Chinese sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation (CIC). Meanwhile tensions between Beijing And USA and allies have steadily grown on multiple fronts. According to the newspaper’s reconstruction, which indicates that the bank had announced investments in certain companies in the past, but without specifying the Chinese origin of the funds, the deals made also included a start-up dealing with global supply chains deals, a company that offers advice on the subject cloud computing, a pharmaceutical test and systems manufacturer for artificial intelligence, including drones and batteries for electric vehicles. These agreements show how it was possible, to a certain extent, for sovereign wealth funds indirect holdings in company of critical sectorswhile Western governments have gradually increased and tightened their own check imposed investments straight from China.

In 2017, the then CEO of the banking institution became Lloyd Blankfein threw the partnership fund for China-US industrial cooperation during the state visit of donald trump in Beijing, believing that this economic operation would help solve the problem Issue From Washington to one trade imbalance between the United States and China by investing Chinese capital in American companies. The bank said CIC will be a “principal investor” in the fund and will play a key role in expanding the companies it buys into China. Although tensions between western countries and China have increased significantly in recent years, the fund ignored some safety warnings and made further investments, namely four in 2021 and one in 2022. In 2021, Goldman used the partnership fund with CIC to finance Diebuy From LRQ extensionthe inspection and information unit of the UK Maritime Classifications Group, to which the group of belongs Internet security nicenesswhich claims on its website that it is a UK government-approved service provider and is helping to “strengthen government and defense organizations around the world”.

“The Cooperation Fund is a US fund managed by a US manager and is managed in compliance with all laws and regulations. “He continues to invest in US and global companies and help them grow their sales in the Chinese market,” Goldman Sachs said in a comment note made public. A UK official said the government could not comment on specific acquisitions given the “quasi-judicial” nature of its investment control powers, adding it would “not hesitate to use our powers to protect national security where we identify concerns”.

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